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24 July 2006 @ 02:23 pm
he likes vampires and hit list radio [likeyou_meanit]  
I've been in LA for about two months. When my dad first told me he wanted me back in the country for college I blew him off. He had no right to suddenly decide to be a father to me because he was getting old and finally realizing that he had children who were growing up with out him. Then Buffy decided she wanted to travel some with Giles and I had the option of staying in Italy for school or going to one of the many college's in the states that had accepted me. I ended up choosing UCLA because of my Dad but we made a deal that I was not going to live with him and I really didn't want to live in the dorms either.

So what did I do? I called Angel and pouted and begged and cajoled and eventually he gave up and told me I could stay in one of the many rooms that the Hyperion had free. Buffy was decidedly unnerved that I was going to be living with Angel; which was totally just a technicality anyway. She keeps trying to convince everyone she's over him and she doesn't want to go back to L.A. herself. I totally give her two months tops before she shows up under the pretense of visiting me. Anyways, Angel wouldn't deny me. The memories may be made up but he completely treated me like a kid sister when he and Buffy dated and I could get him to do just about anything. Buffy hated it, sucks for her.

It was strange at first. Mostly the being back in L.A. and dealing with Angel's 'family'. They were his family in the same way that Xander, Willow & Giles were mine. Blood relations didn't suppose family.

I barely remembered Wesley from when he was Buffy's watcher. I think I probably met him all of three times and I was so young back then that I wasn't impressed with any of Buffy's friends except Angel and Xander because they spoiled me. Wesley was nothing like I remembered him, which was good, he was smart and patient (with me anyway) and probably the only person who didn't look at me funny when I got excited about my Latin projects - go figure. Then there was Cordelia who I'd always hated on principal but she was nothing short of amusing now. Plus she was a big shopper and with the allowance my dad had me on she made the perfect partner in crime in that arena. Her shoe collection rivaled Buffy's. Fred was a little strange in that science geek kind of way but I liked her well enough. Gunn was the one who helped me train when no one else knew about it. I kept telling Angel that with the number of enemies he had and still being the slayers sister I so needed to know how to defend myself better but he'd just glower and ignore me so Gunn taught me a wicked left hook and told me I better use it on unruly boys at school.

It was like having a new family or maybe just a larger one. They accepted me pretty easily, which I was actually kind of surprised about. Maybe it's that when Wes gets all excited about research I'm right there with him and none of them have to deal with it. Neither of us are blind, we see the faces Cordy makes when there's that 'Eureka' moment. Which I so had the other day. I always wanted to say Eureka and as it turns out I'm really good with the research and the languages.

Though Wes always has to help with my Latin. I had a very Xander moment a few weeks ago and Wes just shook his head. I swear I could hear Giles's British voice in my head 'Don't speak latin in front of the books'. I'm a little more careful now. But I get excited about school and languages and so Wesley's good to share that with. Plus he's really funny most of the time, even though everyone else usually looks at him like he's crazy. Except Fred, who I sometimes suspect is actually crazy.

Buffy calls like every other day and I always know its her because Cordelia rolls her eyes or if Angel manages to pick up the phone he closes his office door like we all don't know he and Buffy are talking about ... whatever it is they manage to talk about these days. Probably the best way to behead a G'hilst demon or something as gross; so not going to analyze that relationship.

I miss Buffy a lot but with her calling every two seconds its harder to miss her. I miss Giles too and even Andrew but he says he might visit soon, I think he wants to document Angel Inc on film and I'm seriously doubting anyone but Cordelia will be into that. You never know. I should probably keep Andrew away from Angel if he shows up, cause knowing him he'll start talking about Spike and that's a surefire way to make Angel even more broody.

Anyways. So there's this new case, these demons are preying on like some rich kids at this boarding school and Wes and I are convinced that there's been a curse or a spell or something that's luring these demons to the school and I'm trying to find a reference in this old musty book written in like six demonic languages and only three I'm familiar with and my notebook is so filled with notes that my hand is all crampy.

Plus I have an Oral Latin exam in the morning and Angel keeps glowering and telling me to stop researching and to go study. Like thanks Dad. But I'm still in the Lobby drinking Wesley's tea, and I'm the only one who does, it's Giles's fault. Angel's out decapitating demons anyway it's not like he'll know and besides, Wes will totally go over my pronunciation with me before I go to bed so I'm not worried.

"Hey Wes!" I yell across the Lobby, from my perch on the circular red couch that I find best for research. You'd think we were in a library from the irritated look he sends me. I just stick my tongue out at him, ensuring my maturity, and continue, "This symbol is giving me trouble and I'm pretty sure it's important."