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19 May 2006 @ 09:42 pm
no one told me [about her] windscreamsmary  
In the end leaving Rome was something both Buffy and I were ready for, she just headed to London while I headed to L.A. I missed California and the sun, the beach, all of it. Obviously with Sunnydale having imploded in on itself going back to my hometown wasn't an option - or I guess technically it was because technically L.A. was my hometown. So I talked to my dad who was pleasently not thrilled with the idea. Sure that sounds like a bad thing but if he'd been super excited then he would have tried to make me live with him and I just so wasn't into that. So while he's helping me pay for it I'm not having to see him everyday or even once a week. I appreciate his lack of caring because I got over that need for a father figure a long time ago - besides I had Giles.

Schools been in session for about a month now and things are starting to gear up. Tests, papers, you know all the kinds of things I love, yeah I became kind of school dork in Rome - it was an outlet. I'm taking the weirdest classes this semester; English, Drama 101, Intro to Latin, Dance and Philosophy. Most of my classes were huge, like I couldn't name ten people in them with me, beyond my roommate Madison and her nice little social club. She wasn't horrible but she was stuck up, rich and liked to talk about everyone so I tried to keep on her good side.

Drama and Latin were smaller classes and so getting to know people in them was easier. I'd found a nice little nitche of friends that were pretty diverse. People adored that I lived in Rome for two years, popularity wasn't too hard, I just didn't bother with it that much. Madison practically forced me to rush but I decided not to go greek. She called me a freak behind my back and then to the sorority (that apparently still wants me) that I was just wanting to focus on academics.

One day Madison and I were sitting in the quad eating lunch, she was trying to get me to tell her which shops in Rome were the best because she was going to convince her father to take her there for christmas, when some guy walked by and said something rude. And when I say rude I'm making a huge understatement. He grinned at her and then winked at me and walked away. After that I heard nothing but about the jackass that is Logan Echolls for weeks. You think I'm kidding?

Apparently Madison dated one of his friends in high school so she knew all the dirt and the fact that I'd never heard of him had to be because I was in Rome for two years. The truth was I did know who his parents were but I didn't see how that made his life anyone's business. Then of course she told me everything. About his girlfriend dying, killed by his father as it turned out, him being accused of murder, twice, his father getting murdered, some girl she only refered to a Slutty Mars, some rich guy who fled town with a baby and a crash of a bus that killed a bunch of people. Apparently the guy who crashed the bus was her ex's brother. She said she'd known all along that there was something wrong with the virgin freak. Obviously, Madison didn't like Logan too much, which made me kind of like him a little.

Of course that was until I noticed him in my drama class. Well I'd noticed him before, he was hot, but it hadn't registered that he was that guy until one day where he made a girl cry during an improv excercise. I decided maybe for once Madison was right about him. He was a freak. Of course she'd said the same about me but maybe he was just more of a jackass; those I didn't really like. I'd had my fill of them in Sunnydale and Rome. I mean, hello my first kiss was a vampire who tried to kill me and RJ? Love spell that backfired. That's not even to count the guys in Rome and I'm so not going there.

Logan was pretty much replaced in my mind by my latin paper and the date I had the week before. Then of course in drama class Professor Macloed aka Fiona, told us our first major grade was going to be based on how we perform as a team. I thought it was pretty cool, we'd have a week to prepare but she was going to be pretty critical. I thought it was awesome, until she assigned me my partener; Logan Echolls. He grinned my way when she paired our names together - which surprised me because he knew my name. Then she proceeded to tell us that these would also be auditions, mandatory for the play she was directing this semester.

Which I actually would have loved to do, but not at the expense of my sanity. It's not that I really put too much credance into what Madison said about people but from what I'd seen, this was not going to be fun.

After class, I was putting my book in my bag and I heard someone walk up to me. I looked up and there he was, with that grin. That stupid smirky grin that I just wanted to hit him for.

"Yeah?" I asked with half interest.

I had to meet Leslie, L.A's slayer, in two hours and I had a paper to start before I left. We'd made friends back in Sunnydale and now that she was here I kept her company on patrol. Plus she went to UCLA too and I tutored her in English.