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15 April 2006 @ 09:13 pm
Dawn eyed Isabella carefully and wondered for the millionth time how she’d been talked into going to a stupid fortune teller. If she wanted to know her future she’d look Angel up and ask him to ask one of those evil psychics he had working for him whether or not she was going to ace her Latin test the next week. It didn’t help that the woman had one of the thickest Italian accents she’d ever heard and she could barely understand what she was saying. Yet, she’d let her roommate talk her into this and now she had to sit here while Madame Marie (how original) droned on and on about Isabella’s life line.

It wasn’t like she didn’t believe in this stuff, Dawn knew first hand that magic was real, as were witched and psychics but that didn’t mean she wanted to subject herself to a possible crackpot who only thought she knew what the hell she was talking about. It didn’t help that the Madame kept looking into her eyes with a weird look that Dawn just didn’t like.

Isabella nudged her in the side and Dawn turned her head, “She wants to read your palm, come on Dawn.”

Dawn sighed heavily and plopped her wrist ungracefully on the table. Madame Marie picked up her hand and turned her palm over. Immediately Dawn felt the older woman’s fingertip run down the creases in her hand.

“Oh my,” she began, her thick accent making it hard to understand. “You have the longest lifeline I’ve ever seen. You are so much older than you appear to be. My dear, the blood you’ve seen spilled …”

Madame Marie looked at her and Dawn pulled her hand back and fidgeted in her seat. “That’s really not funny but thanks for you’re time anyway.”

With that Dawn got up and headed out to the side street, she took a deep breath and closed her eyes. She ignored Isabella’s questions as they headed back towards their dorm. Dawn was damn sure she wasn’t into palm reading now.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Muse: Dawn Summers
Word Count: 344