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15 April 2006 @ 08:15 pm
What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done?  
Is this a question I really have to answer? I mean come on, how many apocalypses have I been a part of either by choice of by way of being kidnapped for the duration? The most dangerous thing I’ve ever done is not running and hiding anytime the world is on the verge of ending. Having my first kiss be a vampire was right up there too. It’s kind of sad how many dangerous situations I’ve been in but most weren’t like I decide to go see if this demon will kill me today kind of things. Like dangerous situations out of necessity, I’m still alive though so in the end I guess putting myself in those situations wasn’t all that bad.

I know life is short and everything and I consider myself someone who lives instead of hides but it’s not like I go out and go bungee jumping or something. I mean that is dangerous, swimming with sharks is dangerous, working with magic you can’t control is dangerous and ok so I have done that. I tried to bring my mom back from the dead once even though I knew that she wasn’t going to be her and that alone, just working with that kind of dark magic when I had no experience what so ever was pretty dangerous. I guess that counts. Xander would say being friends with Spike is dangerous but to Xander dating is dangerous so you can’t really put much stock in that. It’s a long story he has a weird history with demons or something.

My life is one big portrait of danger because of who and what I am. Being me is dangerous, I’m the key and I’m the ‘greatest slayer in history’s’ little sister but it’s not like I can (or even would) stop being me now can I? If you want to really think about danger it’s all in what you consider, I mean taking risks is dangerous. Walking across the street when there are cars on the road is dangerous, what the hell isn’t dangerous these days?

Living is pretty damn dangerous but it’s also pretty fun a lot of the time, you know when it’s not sucking beyond belief.

Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Muse: Dawn Summers
Word Count: 371