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29 November 2005 @ 02:52 pm
in boston, finally.  
Dawn sighs as she climbs into the taxi at LAX. She has no idea what time it is only that she wants to sleep, like now. She mumbles the hotel information to the cabbie and lays her head back on the seat. She'd spent hours upon hours in airports waiting for connecting flights, using Dad's credit card to go online and keep herself sane. She'd have thought she'd be more surprised about this whole kitten thing than she was and she barely remembered a few of the conversations she'd had after the 5th hour of sitting in front of the computer in the airport but hey, whatever it was her life.

She'd managed to find some things about animal transformations in one of the books she'd had with her but nothing specific enough to give her any idea as to why Spike was a kitten. She had, however bought a few kitten toys and catnip at the airport for him, she knew Spike had to be a totally cute kitten and she was determined to never let him forget he'd been one, once he was turned back of course.

After a few long minutes the cab pulled up in front of a posh hotel and she got out and made her way inside. The check in process was a large blur in her head as she opened the door to her room, she considered calling Cordy's room but she was way too tired to hold much of a conversation. Instead she called down to the front desk and left Cordy a message telling her the room number and that she had to get some sleep.

She didn't take any time to unpack, she just fell into the comfy queen sized bed and slept. Damn she was exhausted. She'd get up and deal with life later.