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02 November 2005 @ 09:05 pm
daylightfadings halloween ... um a flop?  
So the great idea Anna and I had to throw a Halloween party? I should have known better, at least this time there were no vampires present (which where the hell were our fangy friends anyway, do they not think I'm a good host?) to flirt with me and then make my first kiss from a vampire ... Yeah I have issues. And no one turned into their costumes, at least that I'm aware of anyway.

At first it was ok, besides Buffy being all mega-nurse-slutty; why she didn't check the size of that costume before she bought it? I just will never understand. Then there was Cordelia's taunting of me which I wish hadn't bothered me as much as it did. I guess I was just finally getting over whatever crappy thing had gotten into me and I was just like you know I made a mistake, we all do that, and then she goes and brings it all back up and is so mean to me.

So I bailed for a while, Anna and I hung out in the bathroom. Thank god for Anna though, if it weren't for her I'd have gone completely batty. Buffy didn't even try to help me which I'd be more angry about if I hadn't been so rude to her before. I did get my chance to apologize though which YAY! Cause that's really been on my mind lately and I know Faith said she wouldn't tell her about my little bitch fest the other day but I was still worried.

Buffy's all I have left. I mean ok I have Willow and Xander and everything but it's different. I know they don't just like me because of Buffy but it felt like that for a long time.

Speaking of Xander he hasn't been around lately. I was so into my own little world that I hadn't even noticed he hadn't been around! He wasn't at he party, which might actually be a good thing because of Cordelia turning into the evil bitch monster of death. The history being brought up probably would have been bad. Still Xander!

It all went to hell when Faith started dancing with that girl Jamie and Buffy started getting these looks on her face. One's that I hadn't see her get in a really long time, like back when she and Angel were trying to not be together and Faith was evil. Now it was directed towards Faith.

In the end Buffy punched Faith & Jamie and then stormed off. Which you know it could have been worse and all but that was definately not how I wanted my first party at Abruizzi to go. And I wasn't going to clean all that mess up by myself.

But Buffy & Faith? I was trying not to think about it because I've known too much about my sisters sex life since I was a kid and I've never really been all that comfortable with it. I mean ew!

As if things weren't weird enough around here.

I just went to my room and laid down, oh the tangled webs THEY weave.